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Ultimate Crane Trucks - SEO Melbourne PPC Case Study
Ultimate Crane Trucks
Services Provided:
A crane truck hiring service, focusing on pick-ups and deliveries Victoria wide.

Ultimate Crane Trucks – PPC Highlights

Signed on at the beginning of 2023, Ultimate Crane Trucks – as a provider of all things transport and heavy cargo-lifting related –  sought out SEO Melbourne for the purposes of increasing their overall number of conversions, in need of an overall keyword strategy that would target key consumers with the greatest relevance to their brand and services.

Overall Keyword Statistics:

Where we see the site’s accommodation of crucial keyword assets that form the bases of their campaign, we’ve been able to take the client’s targeted keyword profile to an appropriate selection that matches the business needs they were seeking.
Among these keywords, we’ve seen their all-time stats increasing with:

  • Their overall impressions from select keywords rising to an increase of +429.36%
  • The Click Through Rate on these keywords rising to a recorded increase of +8.05%
  • A new placement of Conversion Rates on their targeted keywords, positing at a strong 6.29%


Highest Conversion Changes in Targeted Keywords:

Increases in Conversions Among Ultimate Crane Truck's Keywords

Previously, Ultimate Crane Trucks were finding it difficult to bring their prospective consumers into their brand lifecycle; although they were able to rank for their target keywords, continuing the journeys of these consumers into eventual buy-ins to the Ultimate Crane brand was a struggle to see through.
With the introduction of our PPC campaign among these keywords, however, several keywords began to experience investment from the users who’s searches were most relevant to these assets:

  • Crane Trucks Melbourne‘ saw an increase by 59%. Prior to this, clicks for the keyword had generated at a net zero, placing our contributing increases at an infinite.
  • Crane Truck Hire Melbourne‘ saw a similar increase from 0, now driving high traffic volume owing to our accurate targeting of the given keyword.

Both keywords have had spillover effects into other metric channels, as we see:

  • Crane Trucks Melbourne’ ranking the client’s place as the second highest ad in the SERPs, alongside ranking in the top 5 organic search results at number 4
  • Crane Truck Hire Melbourne‘ holds the highest ad placement on the SERPs, in addition to a top 10 organic ranking at number 6.


Cost-Per-Click Data

Over the course of the campaign, SEO Melbourne managed to decrease the average CPC across a variety of chosen keywords, while sustaining an increase in conversion rate as per Ultimate Crane Truck’s PPC end-goals:

  • Crane Truck Hire Melbourne‘, as an example of a highly competitive keyword asset, held a conversion rate of 13.64% prior to their time with us.
    During the course of their campaign, this cost has managed to increase to a conversion rate of 20%.

Last Words – SEO Melbourne

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