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Google MUM technology will change the way SEO works, are you going to keep up?


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In the 2021 I/O conference, Google released a major update on their search engine which will change how the search engine functions. The latest update to their search engine, named the Multitask Unified Model or “MUM” has a set of amazing abilities. One of it is a language database that spans 75 languages. Google MUM technology is also 1000 times stronger than its predecessor, BERT.

Google MUM Technology Interface SEO Melbourne

What is “MUM”?

The  Multitask Unified Model a.k.a “MUM” is Google’s latest solution to one of the biggest issues faced when users search for complex queries. Which is: that on average, users need up to 8 search entries for a complex query before finding their solutions.

When looking for information, the more tedious it is, the more likely it is that users will give up altogether. The new model can curb this as it aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the search engine. This is possible with MUM for a couple of reasons:

  1. Google MUM technology is able to multitask and is multimodal, which is a new concept for search engines. Basically,  it means that Google’s MUM technology allows its search engine to look for results through videos, images or even podcasts. This multimodal aspect helps produce insightful and relevant search results without the user having to make multiple search queries. Click here for an article by Google that provides a more hands-on explanation.
  1. Google MUM technology claims to be 1000 times more powerful than its predecessor, BERT. This allows the search engine to conduct searches more effectively and efficiently. As well as allowing Google to multitask in its searches.
  1. MUM boasts a large language database which defeats the language barrier that exists when searching for queries regarding certain topics. For example, if someone was looking for a tutorial on a Malaysian dish recipe written in Malay. It is likely that the result would be unavailable unless they had searched for it in Malay. Google MUM technology would translate the search query and present the results regardless of what language it was.
Google MUM Technology SEO company Melbourne

When will it be released?

Understandably, there is currently no set release date on the futuristic model. But considering its introduction by Google in their 2021 I/O conference. We can expect it to roll out in the near future.

How is it going to change SEO?

MUM, without doubt, is a huge leap into the future for search engines. It is a dramatic step closer to the idea where searching for a topic becomes more conversational than systematic. Search engine optimisation would also undergo extensive changes in various aspects such as:

Search Results

Google MUM Technology Language Database | Melbourne SEO

A language barrier will not deter search results any longer. As mentioned above, MUM has an extensive language database that covers over 75 languages and with its multitasking capabilities. It would produce search results that can ignore whether the query is in the language of the result. 

Google’s MUM technology is multimodal. So, search results will not rely solely on texts in websites, but multiple media types like images, videos and audio. This expands the reach of search results way past its current limitations. For example, a single search query would show images, video tutorials, and podcasts that includes a range of relevant components. Which effectively answers the user’s search query without the need for multiple entries.


SEO via careful selection of keywords may not matter as heavily as it does currently. Because MUM’s multitasking and multimodal capabilities would be able to produce search results based on insights of the search query. SEO could evolve to include more than keywords, such as images, videos and audio files. The inclusion of all these different media types allows websites to take advantage of MUM’s multimodal capabilities. A great example shown in one of our blog posts here. It is an article that utilises images that addresses components which users would usually need to make individual entries on. MUM would be able to understand this and show it to users who have search queries related to the topic.

So….what now?

The article written above is based on assumptions from Google’s I/O conference in May. Which had introduced a ton of latest upcoming updates for the tech giants (click here for the complete I/O conference). One of Google’s latest updates is to their search engine in the form of the Multitask Unified Model or  MUM, and it is will change the way websites utilise search engine optimization. The future of coherent and less systematic search entries is near. Soon, the days of tedious searches would have faded away.

The question is, are you going to keep up with the change? SEO Company Melbourne can help.

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