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Optimising Website Content for Voice Search


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The introduction of voice search is seen as a game-changer for the development of SEO strategies for businesses. It has been shifting consumer behaviours to a great extent in terms of which types of keywords users tend to use now and how SEO specialists and marketers can implement them in their strategies to leverage such changes. SEO Agency Melbourne dives into insights given by the evolution of voice search in the SEO industry!

The Rise of Voice Search

In the digital era, the rise of voice search has significantly evolved in recent years, creating a boom in the voice recognition market with an estimated value of $26.8 billion by 2025 and more than 1 in 4 people regularly use voice search on their mobile devices. With the popularity of virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, users may now voice their enquiries rather than type them. Such change in consumer behaviour leads to a significant change in SEO algorithms and has a big impact on the adaptation of SEO strategies for businesses.


Optimising Question Keywords and Long-tail Keywords

Have you noticed that we tend to ask longer with full-sentence questions most of the time when we use voice search? It reveals the most effective way to optimise content, for the evolution of voice search is to create content including useful, and full question sentences that answer “what”, “why”, “how”, and “where” questions that users come up with. 


Focusing on long-tail keywords rather than short-tail keywords (which are generally more commonly found in traditional search) has shifted the approach to building efficient SEO strategies in this modern era. For example, when asking virtual assistants, people often say “Cafes near me” rather than “Cafes”. It offers many rich insights for SEO strategies, where such lengthy keywords like “Cafes near me” might be more niche, but attract more effective traffic to your sites according to consumer behaviour in using voice search. 

Local SEO For Voice

the Augmentation of Local SEO with Voice Search - SEO Agency Melbourne

Local SEO is one of the most popular strategies local businesses have been implementing to enhance online presence and visibility. It can be done by using location-specific keywords such as “Top Italian Restaurants In Melbourne”. The concept of local SEO gives us the main aim to attract more local customers from nearby geographic locations, achieving a higher level of success and efficiency for SEO strategies.


Another pro tip SEO Sydney wants to uncover for you is to optimise Google My Business listings for more effective traffic from voice searches. It ensures the accessibility of your business information, especially for users who use voice-activated devices. Make sure you claim the authority to control the information displayed on Google, plus every information of your business is up-to-date and accurate.


Use A Conversational Tone In Your Content 

With the fundamental basis of voicing queries, people tend to use natural language and a conversational tone while looking for the information they need. This consumer behaviour has altered writing content approaches to producing language more naturally, getting fitted into the users’ queries and keywords.


Page Speed and Mobile Optimisation

Page speed and mobile optimisation are crucial players in leveraging the impact of voice search strategies, and thus SEO rankings for your business’s websites. Instructed by Google’s rule of Mobile-first indexing, it can be understood that when indexing and ranking pages, Google predominantly employs mobile-optimised versions of a site that has been crawled by a smartphone agent. Therefore, it is critical for websites to have fast-loading pages as they directly affect the principle of mobile-first indexing and are more likely to be prioritised in search results. Hence, leaving remarkable impacts on both traditional and voice search rankings.


Supporting that, websites that are well-optimised for mobile devices are more likely to be favoured by Google’s mobile-first indexing. Since Google wants consumers to have a smooth experience across platforms, having a non-mobile-friendly website may hinder you from ranking high in voice search results.


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If you are ready to leverage the evolution of voice search in your SEO journey, contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive SEO services. Our team of experts at SEO Agency Melbourne can help you drive organic traffic, improve search engine rankings, and stay ahead of the competition. 

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