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Reviewing 3 Popular WordPress SEO Plugins


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By definition, WordPress SEO plugins are software tools that extend the SEO function of a website, making it easy to implement tasks with high operational burden or repetition – on-page best practices, for example, quickly come to mind.

However, choosing the right one to augment your site can be quite challenging, as there are hundreds of options available, each claiming to enhance your site’s SEO performance, but not all deliver on their promises.

In this article, we’ll analyse the top three most popular SEO plugins in WordPress today – namely Yoast, All in One SEO, and Rank Math. 

The team at SEO Melbourne provides insights into their features, functionalities, and effectiveness, helping you make an informed decision on which plugin best suits your needs.



SEO Melbourne explores the benefits of Yoast,one of the most valuable Wordpress SEO plugins Wordpress

Yoast is one of WordPress’s most widely used SEO Plugins due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and regular updates.

Its free version is an already solid jack-of-all-trades tool, covering fundamental on-page features you’ll need to signal your site for search engines with low hanging fruit.

Yoast’s free version allows you to access and edit these important SEO elements:

Yoast's element optimisation, explained by SEO Melbourne

  • Focus Keyword – your chosen keyword to target throughout your content
  • Title tags – the headline that appears in search engine results
  • Meta description – a short summary of the page’s content displayed in search results)
  • URL slug – the part of the URL that identifies the specific page
  • SEO Analysis – an automatic audit and review of essential on-page elements, to ensure that they fit white-hat recommendations. This includes features like the recognition of optimised alt text on images, length of headers and metadata, placement of keywords and more.

Beyond search engine guidelines, Yoast’s content analysis feature helps tackle blog readability and user experience by providing suggestions in areas that need improvement – functioning as an on-site editor that provides you with suggestions regarding use of active voice, sentence length, subheading density and complexity of word choice in your paragraphs.

For those scaling to more technical considerations, premium affordances also help in more technical SEO-related tasks, such as setting up canonical URLs and meta robots tags, blocking search engines from indexing and following links on your pages. All of which are able to tailor search engine visibility to a level that suits specific business needs, and promotes targeting with specific direction.


Do We Recommend Yoast?

Absolutely. Not only does it help in SEO-related optimisation and integrate with other SEO apps like Semrush, but it also helps level up the writing quality of your content with its content analysis feature.


All-in-One SEO

SEO Melbourne explores the second plugin of the article, All-in-One SEO.

All-in-One SEO, or AIO SEO, is Yoast’s strongest competitor in terms of comprehensive features, as it is one of the most comprehensive SEO plugins on the market.

As the name suggests, there is a list of extensive features you can access with AIO SEO. Here are a few relevant ones:

  • Automatic link assistant to help with internal linking, which helps improve on-page SEO
  • Automatically adds optimised title tags and meta descriptions with its AI Generator
  • Allows you to add alt text and attributes for images

Moreover, AIO SEO’s setup wizard is incredibly user-friendly, guiding users step-by-step, while also automatically configuring the SEO settings you need to optimise the website.

AIO SEO is also highly compatible with most plugins like WooCommerce, and tools such as Google Search Console to see relevant data inside your dashboard.


Do We Recommend AIOSEO?

Yes, but we prefer Yoast in most cases. 

While AIO SEO is wonderful for its comprehensive feature set and versatility, we find Yoast slightly better than AIO SEO. This mainly owes to the former having a more intuitive user-friendly interface, stronger content analysis capabilities, and seamless integration and support.



RankMath is the 3rd plugin choice by SEO Melbourne

Rank Math is an SEO plugin that combines user experience with extensive SEO features that are surprisingly lightweight for your site. RankMath has two modes to optimise your SEO: 

  • Easy mode is great for site owners who want to focus on basic on-page SEO elements, the likes of titles and meta descriptions, and let RankMath automatically configure the harder technical aspects.
  • Advanced mode is for SEO professionals who prefer to have full control over every aspect of their optimisation, such as editing image alt tags.

RankMath can also integrate with WooCommerce SEO, Google Analytics, and Search Console to provide complete SEO information for your site without ever leaving WordPress.

The plugin can also import settings from previous SEO plugins like Yoast and AIO SEO, and works well with page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, and Beaver Builder, as well as WordPress Gutenberg and Classic editor, making it a very versatile tool for all kinds of WordPress users.


Do We Recommend RankMath?

Combining extensive SEO features with its user-friendly interface, RankMath can be a solid pick for both beginners and experienced users.

However, we have placed RankMath as the lowest in this list as it still needs to improve its readability analysis, which is slightly inferior to Yoast. Additionally, while users may find the interface very easy to work with, it may take some time to learn RankMath’s extensive features.


It’s ultimately up to you whether to use Yoast, AIO SEO, or Rank Math in your toolbox; they are all great plugins that simplify SEO for site owners while simultaneously ranking them in search engines.

However, it all boils down to the quality of the content on your website, and while SEO plugins may help in making your content visible, they are only a tool in your arsenal.

However, why go through all the stress when proven industry professionals like SEO Melbourne can do it for you? With us as your go-to SEO Agency Melbourne, you can delegate both the simple and technical tasks in your plugins to us.

Curious how we can help? Contact us today for a consultation and let’s discuss your needs extensively.

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