SEO Melbourne Podcast #17 – Emerging SEO Trends

In this podcast, Merwin discusses emerging SEO Trends that can be observed through 2021. Trends and algorithms within the SEO world are always changing and it’s essential to stay on top of them. Here are some of the areas that are discussed within the podcast:

  1. Artificial Intelligence AlgorithmsGoogle MUM, RankBrain & Knowledge Graph
  2. Video Strategies and Why They’re So Important
  3. Podcasts and How They Are Becoming More Relevant
  4. Google’s Core Web Vitals Update

The future of SEO is always progressing and evolving, the days of keyword stuffing are long gone. SEO is changing so that people will stop writings articles for the algorithm, and start writing articles for the users instead.

If you have any queries about any of the topics covered today, or if you are interested in our SEO services, feel free to contact us at SEO Melbourne.




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