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In this Episode of the “SEO Melbourne Podcast” Jan Petersen, the Managing Director of Farolito Spanish sits down & talks to Girish Sawlani of SEO Company Melbourne about the challenges that the education sector faced during the pandemic & how businesses in the education sector need to adapt with online systems & processes to stay ahead of the curve. Especially during Covid and running online educational classes, this story is extremely topical. The world since the pandemic is moving more and more online, and is only becoming more relevant for years to come.

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The Effects Of Covid on Local Businesses

Fundamentally, the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic forced individuals the world over into a state of low-contact – physical businesses were laden with the strain of low costumer bases, as government restrictions increasingly took toward bans on public gatherings, events and institutions didn’t satisfy the ‘essential working’ criteria. With the shutdown of venues like cinemas, local pools and restaurants more broadly, social activity took to record lows as transmission control became the new frontlining agenda – ‘indoor life’ became a new norm, as social distancing captured the status quo of living under quarantine.


The effect? A state-wide stifling of income and economic activity, pointing to a need to keep all metrics of both quality of life and essential living afloat – the provision of essential goods, means of contact with those in our lives, and support to nourish a rapidly declining census of mental health.


For businesses, the need to survive became imperative – what could be done to accommodate this new mode of living, which limited human contact as the foundational genome to any goods and service provider? The answer became reflected in the nature of our living situations: online browsing soared to new heights, as a life confined to the four walls of your bedroom meant the need for other ways to browse current events, stimulate the mind, and maintain communication with the world around them.


The Newfound Need for SEO

Enter the need for a strong SEO profile, to better meet the demands of this influx of online search behaviour. At it’s core, SEO operates on the improvement of ranking factors on search engines, as a bid to improve website visibility. Naturally, then, improving the hygiene of your SEO best practices and online presence serves these users in the best possible way, by ensuring that their burgeoning web-searches never go unmet by a site with the necessary answers.


As the world of Covid grows increasingly distant in the rear-view mirror of both businesses and individuals alike, though, we owe it to ourselves to reflect on the period – what solutions did we establish to keep business practice and operations above water, and – more importantly – what has stuck post this period of time?


Jan Peterson of Faralito Spanish sat down with SEO Company Melbourne to discuss the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, it’s effect on his business model and education more broadly, and how we’ve come to address these limitations. Tune in to today’s episode to explore more on his insights!


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