SEO Melbourne Podcast #10: Using Video Content To Improve Dwell Time


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Welcome back to the SEO Melbourne Podcast! In this episode, Girish Sawlani discusses how to improve the dwell time on your site by embedding video content on your website’s pages.
In the realms of SEO and digital marketing more broadly, dwell time is an important ranking signal that designated user interest in given elements or content – and today’s video assists in directing users to spend longer on your site, which can lead to your organic search traffic improving by honing in the quality users can perceive. To showcase the importance of this strategy, Girish shares examples of SEO Melbourne’s video content strategy and Google Analytics insights.

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What is Dwell Time? SEO Company Melbourne Insights

At its core, dwell time measures how long a user has spent on a given webpage, video, site, or other relevant resource important to track – placed in a broader context of user experience and its use as an SEO signal, it commonly elaborates on where users find the most value out of the resources that exist on the site. A high dwell time on a given piece of content assumes that it serves its users in an engaging way, keeping them static to the page for an extended period of time by occupying their attention from other potentially valuable pages. Adding in further metrics of event count, clicks and conversions, and we gain further insights into the character of the dwell time – what about the content serves its users, how or why they wish to engage, its influence on future content direction, and more.

Without interpreting the given data, content aimlessly drifts without accurately meeting the needs of users who require it the most – for more on how this can affect you, reach out to us today to optimise your online presence!

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