SEO Melbourne Podcast #8 Letitia Morris SEO Case Study

In this podcast, Girish Sawlani discusses an example of a strong information architecture and content structure to achieve great SEO results. Girish draws on the site structure and SEO results of our clients, Letitia Morris , to reinforce how a strategic information architecture on your site can help you achieve the digital marketing results your business merits.

Letitia Morris, a vintage poster gallery business, is one of SEO Melbourne’s long-term clients. They have been working with us since 2018. SEO Melbourne’s Letitia Morris SEO case study reveals how organic search traffic increased by 152.52% after it began its campaign with SEO Melbourne, with twelve keywords ranking on the first search engine results page.

Letitia Morris’s rankings for relevant and high search volume keywords include:

#1 for Villemot Poster

#1 for Cappiello Poster

#1 for Campari Poster

#2 for Vintage Posters Melbourne

#3 for Original Posters

If you would like to find out more about the SEO techniques we have implemented for Letitita Morris, read our results case study.

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