SEO Company Melbourne Site Crawlability JavaScript

JavaScript SEO & Site Crawlability

Everything you need to know about Googlebot’s changes to JavaScript SEO 2019. What is it? How important is it?  You want to learn ‘how rocks form’, so you open your encyclopedia – but where do you look?  The index of course! Search engines “crawl” the internet and make copies of websites to create their own […]

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SEO Melbourne Microphone Podcast

SEO Podcasts: The New Online Trend

As market competitiveness increases and businesses are constantly aiming for new ways to optimise their content for SEO, there has been a shift from traditional content types such as text, into more engaging mediums such as video and more recently long form content such as podcasts. Text content, despite the changing landscape of digital marketing, […]

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SEO Melbourne WebP

Using The WebP Image Format to Speed Up Websites

You might’ve heard of WebP images. Or maybe not. But either way, the WebP image format is here to stay, especially now that browsers like Microsoft Edge and Firefox have come on board and are supporting it. SEO Melbourne explores what this means. WebP is among the “next generation” of image formats that include the […]

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SEO Company Melbourne Phones In Hands

Why Is a Short URL a Necessity For eCommerce Website-Categories?

How does Google differentiate between a long and short URL in eCommerce categories? Google essentially uses its multitude of tools to input websites into a hierarchy. Often websites implementing a short URL into their eCommerce categories are ranking nearer to the top. Leaving websites with longer or less comprehendible URLs at the bottom. Google wants […]

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SEO Company Melbourne Google Reviews Plugin

What is the Google Reviews Plugin and why is it Good for SEO?

Gone are the days of telephone books and newspaper testimonials. Whenever we need anything nowadays, whether it’s a quirky brunch spot or a local mechanic, Google is the first port of call. There is no way to ‘try before you buy’ when browsing products and services online. That’s where the Google Reviews plugin for WordPress […]

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SEO Company Melbourne Medic Update

How to Recover from the Google Medic Update

How has the Google Medic Update Affected the Healthcare Industry? On August 1st 2018 Google’s newest Global Broad Core Search Update went live. The aim of this update is thought to be attempting to enhance the match between user intent and the search results given. Now this sounds like a useful and innovative algorithm improvement, […]

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SEO Company Melbourne Google Site Kit Wordpress

Google Site Kit For WordPress

Google Site Kit For WordPress In late 2018, Google created a concept called the Site Kit for WordPress plugin. Combining multiple Google tools, which incorporates the tools that individuals and businesses require, empowering them to make critical SEO optimisation decisions. The free plugin consists of 4 Google functions. The first is the Search Console which […]

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SEO Company Melbourne Readability

How Does Readability Affect SEO & Which Readability Tools Are Best?

How Does Readability Affect SEO? Getting to the first spot on Google is great and all, but you won’t stay there long if you can’t put together a readable, enjoyable article. If your perfectly optimised blog post doesn’t read well, visitors aren’t going to stick around and flick through the rest of your site. If […]

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SEO Melbourne Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Events In Melbourne 2020

Here at SEO Melbourne we know how important it is to stay top of the game within the digital marketing industry and more particularly SEO. The industry is changing daily, with new updates, techniques and technologies emerging ever relentlessly.  Whether you’re a professional digital marketer yourself, a business owner who wants to expand online, a […]

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SEO Melbourne Authentic

Authenticity In SEO: Why It Should Be Your #1 Priority

Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer, a SEO specialist or simply a keen learner with an interest for digital marketing, you will have your own convictions about SEO. What do you value the most in your optimisation practise? Maybe it’s your ranking in the SERPs or the hope of gaining a larger client […]

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