How To Implement SEO Best-Practices For An Etsy Site


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Etsy has become a global online marketplace made up of millions of buyers and sellers. However, you need more than just a good product to do well on the competitive website. In this video, we show you ways to implement SEO Best-Practices for your Etsy site, in order to increase the visibility of your product and raise your sales.

Firstly, optimising the title, tags, attributes and categories significantly increases your visibility on Etsy.

Keywords are a crucial component in optimisation. To find the best keywords that will increase your visibility, doing keyword research on tools such as Etsy Rank will allow you to see the most searched terms related to your product. 

To demonstrate, let’s take a look at how we can conduct keyword research on Etsy Rank:

Etsy Keyword Research SEO Melbourne

You can find Etsy Rank’s keyword explorer on the top left corner of the home page. Input your desired keyword in the search bar. In this example, we’ve used the keyword ‘gold bracelet’. Sections that may be useful to your research are the number of average searches and the competitive rating that the keyword, and other similar keywords, have on Etsy. 

Now that we’ve got our keywords, it’s time to begin the optimisation process. According to Etsy, the first 40 characters of your product’s title are the most important, so it’s best to keep the most relevant keywords in the beginning of your title.

You should match your title to your tags, which increases relevancy for the search term buyers use when finding your product. Keep in mind that categories and attributes don’t need to match tags as they all serve the same function. 

Another tip is to upload high-quality photos of your products, and informative descriptions with relevant keywords. Not only does this increase your visibility on the site, it also attracts buyers who are looking for reliable sellers.

Recency is an important factor in product visibility – recent listings are more likely to show up at the top of search results. A way to combat this with your older items is to renew your listings during peak traffic times. 

Implementing SEO best-practices for your Etsy site isn’t all about keywords, however. Factors such as shipping costs affect your visibility as well. We can see here that products with free delivery are labelled by Etsy. They rank higher and capture buyers’ attention. Keep your shipping rate as low as possible to rank higher in results. 

Additionally, Etsy favours products with positive customer reviews. Above all, maintain the quality of your products and have a good relationship with your buyers. This not only helps you in terms of search rankings, but positive reviews will also organically garner a larger customer base. 

These are all our tips on how to implement SEO best-practices for your Etsy site. Try them out, and let us know which one worked out the best for you in the comment section below.

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