How to Claim Your Google My Business Listing

If you’re not sure whether you have a Google My Business listing or not, head to Google’s My Business Page and click “Start Now”. Type the name of your business under the Business Name section in the top panel. If your business pops up as an option then Google has it listed already. Watch the video above to see how to claim your Google My Business Listing. Once you’ve claimed it here is some help so that you can set it up. If you’ve claimed your Google My Business Listing and have now set it up and wish to optimise it (so that it can appear and start generating you business) then optimise your Google My Business page.

2 thoughts on "How to Claim Your Google My Business Listing"

  1. effie Kates says:

    Hi I have recently purchased a cafe and can’t get into my google page ???
    as the previous email belonged the old owner how do I rectify this

    1. admin says:

      Hi Effie. There should be an option to “claim ownership”. If you follow this link there are some instructions. Best of luck.

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