Google Analytics: Intermediate SEO Tips

In today’s video, we will be talking about intermediate SEO Tips for using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for SEO. With Google Analytics, you can conduct a deep investigation into your website’s traffic statistics and data, allowing you to optimise your content for your exact audience. You can not only see who visits your website, but also how they find you, so you can update content to suit your core user base. To get a sense of the type of people who make up your audience, pay attention to the Audience section. Click on “Overview” to see your audience broken down by age and gender. This shows you the kind of people that make up your core demographic is like. If you have enabled advertising features for your site, you can also see your audience’s interests, affinity categories, and more by clicking on “Interests.” You should tailor your content strategy so that it is appropriate for your audience. Another report worth monitoring closely is the Acquisition Overview report in the left side bar, which you can access by clicking on “Acquisition,” then “Overview.” In this report, pay particular attention to your Organic Search channel to get a comprehensive idea of how people are accessing your website organically. If you aren’t receiving many organic visitors, it’s probably a sign that your site needs to be optimised. For more information about using Google Analytics for SEO and content planning, check out our three-part series on “How to Use Google Analytics To Form A Content Strategy.”

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