Why Is Website Marketing & Google Analytics Important For My Business

Why Is Website Marketing & Google Analytics Important For My Business?

We’ve all heard the term, ‘Analytics’ before, but have we stopped to consider the many facets of it? While web analytics is vital to understanding how your website is performing, it’s also important to investigate your marketing efforts as well.

This can be achieved through the use of Marketing Analytics, the measurement and optimisation of your marketing activities.

What is Marketing Analytics?

Instead of just focusing on how your website is currently performing, marketing analytics allows you to better understand how your marketing efforts are progressing, allowing you to adjust them accordingly.

How does marketing analytics work?

It uses a combination of on-site indicators, as well as offside metrics, similar to that of web analytics. However, it also analyses offline aspects, to take an overall measurement of your marketing campaign.

The importance of marketing analytics is that it allows you to see a bigger picture. Google Analytics are a necessity for any growing or successful website, but looks solely at site performance, without going any further. Marketing analytics however, allows you to delve deeper into previous campaigns and answer questions such as what conversions occurred offsite as a result? and what time of day did I best perform?

Overall, marketing analytics allows you to find the answer to how well your marketing campaign went and what steps you need to take to make the next one an even bigger success.

If you are interested in setting up marketing analytics for your business and website, make sure to ask yourself the following three questions.

How are my marketing activities performing?

This is where you evaluate how you are currently performing, which you can gather from web analytics. This includes things like visitor counts, time on site, conversions and so forth.

However, if you want to better understand how your marketing activities are performing in greater detail, then you’ll need to investigate less traditional results, such as conversations, comments and shares. It’s easy to get trapped into thinking solely about quantifiable reports, but by considering what is beginning to occur beyond your site, you’ll have the ability to produce a marketing plan that improves the entire company, not just what is occurring online.

Where are your competitors investing time and money?

Although it is straightforward and almost common sense, many businesses fail to invest the time or energy to understand how their competitors behave.

The first thing to remember is that competitive analysis isn’t something that occurs only at the start-up of your website, or when you’re taking on a new client, but rather as an on-going process, because, as we all know, businesses are continually changing and evolving.

This is a metric we need to always be considering. And if we want to really understand where our competitors are progressing and what they are personally dedicating their time too, then it’s important to become observers and ask questions. Are they pushing money into PPC campaigns? Are they interested in social media platforms?

If you know where your competitors stand then you can begin to be aware of where your own business and site belong in the marketplace, and you can begin to invest in the right areas of your marketing plan.
How do your marketing efforts perform over a long period of time?

While it is important to keep track of whether your business is improving on a weekly and monthly basis you have to ask yourself, “what else is happening because of this? Are you gaining or losing momentum? How can your short-term wins become loyal and ongoing engagements?

Marketing analytics both focuses on the overall performance of your actions, as well as the multiple ways you can single them out and improve on them. If you take the time up front, and continually, to map the movement that is occurring, and potentially will occur, for your business online, then you have the ability to make more successful decisions.


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