Why SEO Is Important & 10 Best Reasons To SEO Your Website For Search Engines


Why SEO Is Important & 10 Best Reasons To SEO Your Website For Search Engines


The higher your website is ranked on Google, the greater the flow of traffic. Statistics show that only 6% of users click onto the second page of a search engine.


With SEOs there are no charges involved when a user clicks onto your website.  On the other hand, every time a user clicks onto a paid site, the owner is charged,

It is the number one source of leads:

Results from the 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report show that SEO provides more leads for both Business to Consumer and Business-to-Business marketers, than both PPC and social media marketing.

Higher Relevance and Credibility:

Online users believe that organic results are more relevant than PPCs.  More than 75% of users believe that organic listings (achieved through search engine optimization) are more relevant, and that overall they are achieved on the basis on quality content.

Higher ROI:

  Trends show that more sales result from organic listings as opposed to paid sites, with only one in ten business achieving a better return on investment from a paid site, as opposed to an organic listing.

Long Term:

While PPC campaigns may generate results in the short-term, over time SEO campaigns will show more consistent results.  SEOs produces a slow, but gradual, increase in performance, which can lead to your website appearing, and staying, on the first page of results.


Statistics show that organic listings have a 25% higher conversion rate to PPCs.


SEO can lead to better usability, browser compatibility and accessibility, which overall leads to greater brand awareness and a higher conversion rate.


Currently, SEO is considered one of the most profitable forms of marketing.

Better Odds:

An effective SEO campaign vastly improves the odds of a user finding your website online.

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