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AI-powered content marketing SEO Melbourne

If you’ve never thought too much about artificial intelligence (AI) beyond the 2001 Steven Spielberg movie, perhaps it’s time to. 

As the online world becomes more saturated with information, it is increasingly harder for companies to compete and outperform each other. This is in addition to the shifting consumer needs and trends that dictate the content companies must change to remain relevant. As such, AI-powered content marketing can automate processes and content more efficiently to reach customers and maintain their satisfaction, improving one’s dominion of SERPs.

But first, let’s slow it down to understand what AI is.

SEO Company Melbourne Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning AI-Powered Content Marketing

AI is the wider concept used to describe machines that are capable enough to think, perform and make decisions on their own. Due to their highly automated abilities, this is what makes machines intelligent and sometimes more capable of performing certain tasks than humans. 

More specifically, machine learning (ML) is part of AI and allows organisations to use large sets of data to form accurate consumer insights. This is particularly useful in identifying patterns in current and potential customers’ behaviours which could have gone unrecognised. 


As AI becomes a more omnipresent feature of digital marketing, more businesses can turn to natural language generation (NLG), a subset of AI, to convert data of a specific type, into text. 

To quickly clarify, natural language processing (NLP) is when the computer reads and analyses data, whereas NLG is the computer creating content. The most common example can be seen in Gmail, which uses both NLP and NLG when it predicts and suggests what a user may wish to type next in their email, learning more about their preferences each time they select a specific suggestion.

NLG can help free up time and boost the productivity of marketers and businesses. It is important to note that NLG requires structured data, such as analytical reports, to produce text. As AI continues to develop, NLG will be an important tool to revolutionise content creation.

Additionally, whilst aspects like keywords remain important in today’s SEO landscape, recognition of the efforts of AI-powered content marketing is a must, to achieve higher rankings than competitors. Google has benched keywords and is allowing AI to play centre on the SEO field. Their search engine algorithm, RankBrain, now focuses on producing more relevant content for users, expanding their focus from keyword phrases.

Therefore, crafting the most unique and valuable content to target the right consumers is critical. Search engine users now use more narrow and specific words or sentences to find what they are looking for. As such, for RankBrain to deliver more relevant and precise results, businesses should focus on user intent and how accurately their content addresses it. Essentially, websites need to contain content that is also associated with the category and concept of a user’s search query. 


SEO Agency Melbourne Analytics AI-Powered Content Marketing

AI can also automate many processes and extrapolate more valuable, in-depth insights to hone a business’ SEO marketing strategy for higher rankings. 

AI tools compare millions of data from websites to make predictions about user behaviour and the relevant content they find engaging. This makes it easier to understand consumer trends and to focus more on relevant recommendation systems that are more pertinent to the individual user. AI-powered content creation involves automating processes such as creating alt tags for specific images.

Key areas that can be automated include:

  • Monitoring backlinks and rankings, keyword research, auditing websites, analysing marketing and competitor strategies
  • Customer segmentation, channels for ads to be displayed
  • Product descriptions for better SEO
  • Social listening, social media sharing and influencer outreach campaigns for greater impact 
  • Identifying top-performing topics and content to increase traffic
  • Generating prospective leads for conversion


SEO Agency Melbourne Sentiment Analysis AI-Powered Content Marketing

As AI continues to scan millions of content pieces online, it has been used to conduct more accurate sentiment analysis, understanding how customers feel towards specific brands, products or services. Sentiment analysis through AI is of great use as it allows companies to review text to understand consumers’ tones, ultimately helping to identify whether a specific statement is negative or positive. Negative comments can be highlighted to flag the need for a business to respond to a customer’s remarks. Alternatively, positive sentiment analysis may help a company discover potential influencers and brand ambassadors for further SEO marketing use. 

For businesses looking to expand, AI in sentiment analysis can also predict the customer churn or turnover, which can help determine what is needed to continue growing. This also leads to predicting the type of content that will be relevant to retain customers and achieve higher visitor engagement.



Quill is a natural language generation tool that produces both insights and customised narratives that are easy to read. Data sets of any size can be inputted to produce to help scale the creation of data-driven stories. The platform is incredibly easy to use and saves time, as Quill automatically writes pieces in a matter of seconds.


Wordsmith generates engaging narratives from analytical data and qualitative insights. Many data-driven industries, such as e-commerce, financial services and media to name a few, use Wordsmith to create personalised articles and reports based on the information the system is fed. The platform is also used by large companies such as Microsoft and PwC to generate countless pieces of content each year.


Articoolo creates content using natural language processing. When the system is fed a specific topic, much like a human, it will naturally try to understand the subject by searching for information and keywords in order of relevance. Articoolo then uses this to paraphrase and craft content that simulates quality work normally produced by humans.

Article Forge

Quality content is produced based on their highly intelligent algorithm that researches and reviews millions of pieces of content online. It then rewrites existing articles that are relevant to the topic it is given, maintaining the quality of a professional human writer. The platform also allows pieces to be automatically scheduled to be posted in WordPress-based websites.


Ranking higher lies in the relevance and quality of a website. As companies scramble to outperform and outrank each other, utilising AI-powered content marketing is the next best route to level up one’s SEO content strategies.

To find out more about how to improve your search engine ranking through the use of AI-powered content marketing, check out SEO Company Melbourne today. Feel free to also visit our SEO TV page to access our large range of educational video resources for you to learn more.

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