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Brand SERP Optimisation – The Importance of an Entire Digital Presence in 2022


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Brand SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the first thing people will see on a search engine when they search your brand. Brand SERP optimisation has been an integral part of SEO as it is often the first contact people have with your brand. It is your brand’s first impression. With this in mind, an impressive brand SERP can make your brand seem more reputable, trustworthy, and thus more likely to generate clicks and traffic. 

Google Knowledge Graph comparison | SEO Company Melbourne

Both brands searched above offer similar services at a similar price. However, people will likely choose the brand on the right. The knowledge panel and greater SERP real estate makes the brand look more legitimate and professional

Knowledge Graphs

As Google continues to grow, so does their wealth of data. With more information about people’s clicking habits and search history, knowledge graphs in the form of knowledge panels and cards are becoming more prevalent, which can help your brand stand out.

SEO Company Melbourne Knowledge Graph

These SERP features of knowledge graphs in the form of cards and panels are highly beneficial as it allows your brand to take more SERP real estate when your brand is searched. This can help establish a level of legitimacy and trust for your brand.

With these features being so important in today’s Brand SERP environment, having a website is not enough. In order to take full advantage, your brand must take active steps to create an entire digital presence. This can include websites, a social media presence, and Youtube Channel among others. This is to give people a holistic view of all the available platforms when Google creates a Knowledge Graph of your brand.

For a brand, one of the easiest and most effective methods of using a knowledge panel will be through Google’s My Business profile which guarantees a panel including basic information for those who search your business. 

Another great benefit of having an entire digital presence is the growing importance of video content on Google’s knowledge graphs. When asking questions to be answered, you are now more likely than ever to be greeted with a knowledge card of a video instead of any websites or images, as shown below.

SEO Company Melbourne Video content knowledge card

This shift in the SERP environment means creating video-form content can be highly valuable in garnering clicks and attention to your brand, sometimes even more so than your website or social media presence.

Advanced Steps to Optimise your Brand SERP

Wikipedia is the Internet’s most definitive and reliable source for information. A large part of Google’s Knowledge Graph pulls information straight from Wikipedia to insert into a Knowledge Graph. With this in mind, it will be beneficial for your brand to have a page on Wikipedia or WikiData to have a higher chance of Google creating a Knowledge Graph using the information they have regarding your brand.

Schema Markups are a type of Code that makes information much easier to read and digest for readers of the SERP. Schema Markups is a complicated topic and deserves its own post in the future. However, the increased readability and real estate that Schema Markups provide to websites is another small thing marketers can do to help your brand stand out against its competition.

SEO Company Melbourne Google Schema Markup
The box highlighted in blue is an example of how schema markups can be used

To learn more about knowledge graphs, refer to

SEO Melbourne delves into this topic in a more in-depth manner.

In conclusion, brands should be aware of the importance of optimising their SERP through the use of Knowledge Graphs. Make sure you incorporate websites, social media, video-form content and other small tweaks to maximise your entire digital presence. With this, your brand will be able to stand out against the competition and hopefully garner more clicks and traffic. If you would like to help your Brand or Business to be more easily be seen by more people, check out SEO Company Melbourne – experts in providing professional and proven SEO results

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