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In the same way as people looks for reviews and recommendations on a product before purchasing it, Google also looks for reputable backlinks before promoting it. Search engines gain popularity and revenue through promoting websites that give users the best answers to their questions. Thus, search engines must promote reputable websites with high-quality content. The way they do this is through ranking pages with more backlinks. Backlinks are like reviews from other sites. The more backlinks there are, the more trustworthy it becomes.

However, one must not forget the age-old mantra, quality over quantity! Just as not all websites are reputable, not all backlinks are reputable. Receiving 1,000 backlinks from websites with low page rankings is not going to make a website stand out. It’s better to have 10 backlinks from authoritative websites. This is why it is so important to create meaningful partnerships with organisations owning high-authority domains. 

Whilst creating partnerships seems like a simple solution, how does one actually do that? Well here are a few ways:


First and foremost, the content on the website needs to be worthy of other sites wanting to backlink and refer their users to your website. If the quality is poor or the content is lacking substance, no one will want to promote your content. Therefore, before reaching out to any organisations or discussing partnerships, the priority is to ensure all the content is up to scratch and useful. 

Now that the content is up-to-scratch, a good way to start is by creating an audit of the backlinks already established linking to your website. It is important to document which pages have been most linked. Also try to determine what type of companies are referring their users to your website (for example, what industries are they in, if they are reputable, their following, etc). Lastly, see how many new users have been generated through the backlinks that already exist. By conducting an audit, one can get a feel for where they are at and what they need to improve on. This may include understanding which pages are lacking in backlinks from other sites. Alternatively, one may discover which types of companies they should target when trying to partner with them. Another benefit of an audit is to determine how much improvement your backlinks actually need (for example, if most backlinks are not from authoritative websites then a lot of work would need to be done). 

SEO Company Melbourne Backlink Audit
Example of backlink audit


Analysing industries

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the industries of those websites that have provided backlinks. Analyse which industries they are from and try to find similar organisations. These organisations may also be interested in the content on the website, hence potential partnership opportunities. Make sure those companies are reputable and have high-authority domains. This can be done by conducting a small audit on those sites. 

Competitor analysis

Another way to find organisations to partner with is by conducting a secondary audit on the backlinks connected to competitors’ sites. Analyse what competitors are doing well and what they can improve on. This can give some ideas on how to improve the current website. Seeing how many backlinks competitors are receiving and who they are from, could give inspiration for more companies to potentially reach out to. 

Forming partnerships

After creating a list of all the potential organisations that would be a good fit, it is time to contact them. The best way to go about this is by cold-calling and emailing all the companies on the list. If it is phrased as a partnership rather than a favour, more companies may be open to it. Explaining that both organisations will improve SEO for both companies, and will entice potential partners. 

Testimonials and reviews

Another way to gain backlinks is through creating friendly indirect messages to companies via testimonials. By writing reviews on other websites, the public will be able to see the testimonial as well as the website the testimonial was created by, thus creating a backlink. Further, the author of the website that the testimonial was written on, may have a look at your website. As a thank you, they may also write a testimonial on your website. Through both writing reviews and receiving testimonials, both parties can benefit by generating even more backlinks.

Ultimately backlinks are super important in improving a website’s SEO. One should capitalise on the fact that all organisations are looking for other organisations to partner with to improve their SEO and SERP. By creating partnerships with reputable, like-minded organisations, both websites will gain more backlinks, which will improve rankings on search engines, making it easier for users to find the site. 

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