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Link Building, Is It Still Relevant For SEO?


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Link building has been through some serious changes. Back linking or links that you receive from other sites was once the number 1 Google ranking factor. Google over time became aware of the SPAM sites this created, it was bad for the internet and for users. Google could see low quality websites in its own results. SEO link building services started to pop up everywhere. 

Google then did as Google does, it innovated. It put together a new team of spam fighters headed up by Matt Cutts. Together they cleaned up the web and the SEO industry. For us here at SEO Company Melbourne we couldn’t have been happier. This meant a more credible SEO industry and a better web for all.

So where are we today? Is link building still relevant?

While link building is not the major cog in the Algorithm’s wheel, it is still important. What can be said now with clarity and conviction is that less is more. The small amount of links that you are awarded to your site need to come from relevant and credible sites. If this is the case then your links will be quality and your site will be treated to better SERPS.

What is a relevant site to obtain links from?

A relevant site is one that is within a spectrum of content relevant to your site. For instance, a site like Cabin Porn (no it’s not what you think it is) features various cabins and nature houses. For this site, obtaining links of other nature cabin feeds/sites would be important. This is logical and straightforward as there is a direct correlation between the subject matter. Now what would be more valuable here, a link from the specific exact match cabin nature site or the nature walking tracks site? Both are good to achieve. But obtaining quality links for popular and respected websites are preferred over many links from less popular websites.

How Would I obtain a link?

The best way to obtain a link is to approach link building in a targeted and refined way. An example of targeted link building is to post on your site and create great content. From here link out to sites relevant to the post that you would also like to obtain a link from. So in the above case, Cabin Porn would post an image of a walking track in California and link to the nature and walking track orientated site. From here, Cabin Porn would approach the nature and walking orientated site and mention that they just did a post on them. A request of a link within a relevant post to Cabin Porn or mention on their socials follows this. Cabin Porn could also ask to guest post, which is another great way to obtain a relevant and credible link from a respected site.

Back linking works and will always work to improve your ranking IF the links come from credible and relevant sources. External linking itself is also an important Google ranking factor. Watch the video below for more information on external linking.

If you would like to learn more about backlinking, link building, or anything else SEO-related, check out SEO Company Melbourne – experts in anything and everything SEO today!

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