8 Remarketing Do’s & Don’ts


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8 Remarketing Do’s & Don’t

Remarketing is the process where online marketers follow up with visitors to their website who have not made the desired action, usually when a customer decides to abandon their shopping cart and does not make any purchases. This is usually done through a series of strategies that are then implemented through an automated email system, or by ‘following’ the customer through various websites that they use online.

The following are a list of ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’ for remarketing so that you can ensure that you’re not only making the most out of your money but that you’re keeping customers interested in your business.

Do improve your website before undertaking remarketing
To be able to remarket, first, you have to initially draw in visitors to your website. As a result, it is important that your website has been optimised and that you’ve employed SEO techniques to ensure that you are already receiving the highest number of visitors possible and that they haven’t been deterred simply by your website.

Make sure that your landing pages have a high click-rate and low bounce rate before you undertake any remarketing efforts, otherwise, you may simply be targeting visitors that weren’t that interested in your products or services in the first place.

Don’t spam your email list
When you have created a large list of people that you can remarket to, make sure not to irritate or alienate them by spamming them with an unnecessary overload of information.

Furthermore, by having your remarketing ads pop up too frequently, you’ll only frustrate users who feel like your brand is following them around online, even if it is unwanted.

To avoid this, set up a frequency cap dependent on the customer so that there is a limit to how many times they’re being targeted each day. Not only will this help avoid you being labeled as a spammer, but it will also save you in unnecessary costs.

Do utilise your keywords
How did your visitor end up on your page in the first place? What keywords did they type into Google that led them to your website? There’s no point targeting ads to a person who has no interest in those products, so stick to what they originally searched for to help maximise your results.

So if someone was searching for brown leather handbags, show them ads for brown leather handbags. Or if they were searching for a three-bedroom house, make sure that all your ads contain three-bedroom houses. While you want them to return to your website and finish a conversion, it is also important to remember what they were interested in the first place.

Furthermore, no matter what products or services you are advertising from visitor to visitor, make sure that your branding stays consistent, so that they have your business in mind if they do choose to make a purchase online.

Don’t share the same ad for months on end
If people see the same ad for months on end, then they’ll learn to ignore it, so try mixing up your remarketing campaigns with a series of different ads, messages, products or offers. Not only will this counteract ‘ad blindness’, but also it’s another way to improve your SEO and create a wider target market.

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