1/2 Conversion Rate Optimisation: Checkout Page Tips To Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Checkout Page Tips To Improve Conversion Rates

Once you have set up your funnel and have been alerted to the fact that you are losing people on your checkout page or through any other part of the purchase process, then here are some useful tips to improve the conversion of traffic from your shopping cart into paying customers.

Reduce Steps To Purchase To Increase Conversion Rate Optimisation

A general rule of thumb is the least amount of clicks to purchase the better. In fact it’s not just a rule of thumb it’s proven. (Click on the link above (presenter points to the top right (viewers right) blake adds link into video.)

The less hoops to jump through the more likely it will be that a user purchases. Is it possible to amalgamate two pages together or to delete a step? Do you have to make a user register to purchase? What happens if you allow users to purchase without compulsory registration? Your conversion rate will increase!!!

A better way of getting users to register to your site, is to allow them to track their purchase via registering. As once they have committed to a purchase they are much more likely to then commit to registering to your site.

Include A Progress Bar To Improve Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you must have your purchase process or registration purchase over a number of pages, providing your users with a progress bar improves conversion more than you think. Try it and see what happens to your sales. It’s like giving the user mini goals within the process and everybody likes to see progress made on anything they are doing.

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