Facebook Releases New Metrics For Video Advertising

Facebook Releases New Metrics For Video Advertising – Facebook PPC

Facebook has been making a big push towards video advertising. For a long time, YouTube was the go-to channel for businesses looking to advertise online with video, but now Facebook is giving YouTube a run for its money.

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed that videos have been appearing in the News Feed with more frequency. And if you’re an advertiser, you’ve probably noticed that Facebook has been making it easier and easier to put a video ad in front of your desired audience.

Most recently, Facebook introduced three new key metrics that will allow advertisers to better report and hone their video strategies.

The first key new metric is Minutes Viewed. This metric is important for long-form videos. Advertisers can now determine how much time people are spending watching their videos, allowing them to gauge how invested their audience is in their content. If your audience is watching your content for several minutes, it’s a good sign that you’re producing quality content.

The second new metric is Number Of 10-Second Views. Facebook gives advertisers the option to buy on a Cost Per View or a Cost Per 10-Second View basis. Having this option is good for advertisers because you don’t want to be spending money showing people your video if they are not really watching it.

With this new metric, you can now see how many people are viewing your video for at least 10 seconds. This will help to inform your decision of whether it makes more sense to buy on a cost per view or cost per 10-second view basis. Remember: best practice is to ensure that your branding occurs within the first 10 seconds of your video, regardless of how long it is.

Another great addition: Facebook has added a metric that breaks down views between Sound-On and Sound-Off for both Views and 10-Second Views. When Facebook started auto-playing videos in the News Feed a couple years ago, many advertisers found it frustrating that the videos played with the sound off unless the person viewing the video clicked on it. This made it difficult to determine whether the video was actually being listened to instead of just being watched.

With this new metric, Facebook allows you to see how many people viewed your video with the sound on versus the sound off. If most people are watching your videos with the sound off, you may want to consider adding captions to your video. Rumour has it Facebook will soon be making it easier for advertisers to add captions to their videos automatically, so keep an eye out for that functionality.

Facebook’s video advertising platform is a great way to reach your desired audience with a highly targeted message. By continually monitoring your video advertising metrics and refining your campaign strategy as necessary, you can ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

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