Four Ways To Increase Conversion Rate

Four Ways To Help Increase Your Conversion Rate

In a previous episode, we learnt what a conversion rate was. In this episode, we outline four ways that you can improve your own conversion rate, and how they can benefit your business.

Be Accessible

Having an accessible website is incredibly important if you hope to have a high conversion rate. Messy websites that are hard to understand or navigate are a sure deterrent from even the most loyal shopper.

Talk about how they have labelled at the top of the page the price of shipping, the discounts available for students, and how much you’ve already put in your cart]

Be Honest
One of the biggest deterrents for online shoppers is finding out that the website charges enormous shipping fees. A bargain purchase will quickly become an unwanted purchase if the shipping fees are just as great, or even larger, so always, always be honest and upfront.

Be Unique
If you want to stand apart from your competitors, create a website that offers more information and interest for your users.

By having high quality information on your website, people are more likely to remember your business, and return there again.

Keep the customer informed
Keep your customers informed at all times, even after a purchase or conversion has been made. People don’t want to feel like they have been used or cheated, which they may if you stop interacting with them after a sale has gone through.

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