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Conversion Optimisation:How Do I Improve Conversion Rate? Usability, Making Things Difficult


Are you making it difficult and more time confusing for the user to purchase or enquire? Are you making the user step through too many hurdles to satisfy your database needs? One of the more common mistakes is believing that you need a user’s private information too early on in the user experience of your site. You don’t need a user’s private email for them to make a purchase. Nor do you need it to allow them to subscribe to a newsletter.


Please take head, forcing a user to create an account within your site to purchase a product is a big no no, an example of this is that a user may not necessarily want to buy off you twice so why force them to create an account to buy from your site. Essentially making things compulsory shuts your website off to large communities of people who do not give these details away freely and why would you?


Give your users options, let them buy but don’t force them to sign up to things or create accounts. The idea is to make the user experience as free flowing and easy as possible reducing as many hurdles as possible. Don’t make things difficult!!


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