How Do I Improve Conversion Rate?, Conversion Rate Optimisation Through Website Custimisation

Conversion Optimisation: How Do I Improve Conversion? Conversion Rate Optimisation Through Website Customisation:


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So if we are going to use Rozi Baby as an example of improving usability or (UX) we move into the actual pram builder. Rozibaby isn’t your standard pram website or even a standard e commerce store, where you are able to buy a pram.

The boys at Rozibaby have allowed you change not only the structure of your pram and the way its built, but the colours as well.

If you look further in, you can change from a 3 to 4 wheel, different tyre type and change the seat type.

What this serves in doing is engaging the user, but not only engaging them but allowing them to become more committed to their potential purchase. So as they move through they are personalising the product and becoming more attached to it.

Then we move onto the actual colours of the pram parts, change the canopy to a black, the bassinet apron to an orange and so on and so forth until we have created a pram of our liking.

What else are they doing to improve usability?

If we look at the video and user guide.

The boys have produced videos on various aspects and parts of the pram. So that when purchased if you run into any issues you able to alleviate them through these instructional videos. From setup to how to change from a 3 to 4.

What does this have to do with SEO?

If you are improving the usability and interest for the user and people are finding your website to be far more user friendly then Google will reward you for this.

Not only are the boys making their website user friendly, but in the process they are improving their content and as we know. Content is king.

This is a good example of step outside your conventional website boundary and improving the usability of your website.

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