Facebook SEO, How To Facebook SEO For Google & Other Search Engines

Facebook SEO, How To Facebook SEO For Google & Other Search Engines

As you are well aware, it’s important to optimise your website so that you can improve your rankings on search engines. But what about your Facebook SEO? If you’ve created an account for your business, then you’ll want to be increasing traffic through your Facebook page’s SEO and thus generate further interest. The following are five ways that you can apply ‘SEO tactics’ to your Facebook page’s SEO.

1) Choose the best name for your Facebook page:

While it may seem straightforward, choosing a fitting name for your Facebook page is not only the most basic step, but also potentially one of the hardest.

While it may be tempting to create your fan page name from a series of keywords, in reality this can stunt your growth within Facebook. People who interact on social networking sites can easily detect when a business is after quantity, rather quality, and as will actually be a disadvantaged.

Furthermore, the first word in your page’s title is given the most importance by Google, so when it comes to keywords, that is the one to focus on.

Lastly, when picking a name try to be aware of keywords, but also be unique; you want your Facebook page to stand apart from the pack and get users attention.

2) Use your keywords in strategic places:

Keyword optimisation is the most important aspect of SEO, both for traditional websites, but also for your Facebook page too. In the same way that you would optimise the SEO Title, Meta Description and H1, you would do so with our fan page name and the About Section of your page.

For example, in the same way that you would use a 140-character description for your meta data, you can do so for your fan page. This way, the whole message can be displayed when being looked for in a search engine.

3) Always include your phone number and address:

Always, always remember to include contact information. Even if the majority of your sales come from online traffic, it is still important to include this information. Firstly, indexing your brand for local search results is a basic way to encourage growth on your Facebook page.

Secondly, Google automatically places more importance on pages that have specific information, so even though it seems straightforward, it is an essential way to increase your brand’s overall SEO.

Thirdly, it’s important to have contact information on your Facebook page, so that fans and potential clients can easily contact you, as obvious as that seems. By creating a Facebook page you are essentially hoping to become more accessible for your online clients, so providing a number, email address or address gives them more opportunities to get in touch with you.

4) Optimise your Status Updates:

With all other aspects of your fan page, you also have the ability to optimise every time you update your status. Also, as with your fan page name, Google places higher importance on the first word, so try to use a keyword in that space when possible. Furthermore, the first 18 characters also act as a meta description; so bear in mind what you’re writing. Lastly, try to including direct links to your business’ website, not only because it is a good habit to get into (from an SEO perspective) but it also gives users an opportunity to access your website.

5) Back linking and ‘liking’ other Facebook pages:

The more links connect to your Facebook page, the more legitimate Google views it and as a result your ranking will be increased. So this is why it is important to include a link to your Facebook page from other channels you have online, including your website, blog and Twitter profile.

It is also important to ‘like’ pages that are relevant to your own business. Not only does it make your page seem more interesting to online users, but it also gives you the opportunity to build up connections with similar brands, which can further increase the amount of inbound links that are occurring.

These five steps are the beginning stages of optimising your Facebook page to improve its rankings on Google and other search engines.

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