SEO VS PPC, What Are The Key Differences?

SEO vs PPC what are the differences?



It is quite common for confusion to arise when discussing Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising in search engines. They are both digital marketing weapons and both can turn your site into profitable digital hubs.


What are the main differences?





– Pay Per Click is a paid listing within the search engines. SEO is organic. Meaning the search engines cannot be paid to show listings in the organic search results. No matter how much money you have.

- Pay Per Click accounts for only 20% of overall clicks within Google’s search results, compared to that of 80% from organic SEO.


– Pay Per Click’s listings or indexes are limited to 70 characters for their descriptions whereas SEO listings are allowed 155 characters in the meta descriptions (the text below the heading).


– Pay Per Click listings are affected dramatically by budget. They are shown intermittently throughout the day dependent on how the campaign is tracking its daily spend. You may impress well in the morning of a campaign but spend far too much, and as a result your ad’s do not show for much of the afternoon. SEO or organic listings are not affected by any budget. This is because results are generated via Google’s algorithm which looks at credibility, user experience and a plethora of other internal and external factors. These aspects ensure your organic listing will show 24/7.



– Pay Per Click will send traffic to your site instantly, but at a cost. Organic results will only send you significant amounts of traffic once you reach the first page. This does not come easily, and depending on how competitive your industry, may take some time. However the sheer volume and quality of the traffic is well worth the toil.


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