The Best 7 Ways To Encourage Visitors To Stay On Your Website For Longer


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Seven Ways To Encourage Visitors To Stay On Your Website

Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many different tools and methods you can use to increase traffic flow to your website. However, before you get caught up in the complications, it’s important to remember the basic steps to engaging users to stay on your website, for longer.

Following are seven ways that you can capture the attention of your potential customers.

Have an inviting homepage

First impressions do count, so it’s always very important to make your homepage one of the best features of your website. While it should be visually appealing, as well as include the different options on other pages on your website, make sure to also include your company name or logo to reinforce your brand. A good homepage not only encourages users to explore other parts of your website, but it also keeps down your bounce rate, which is important when it comes to your SEO ranking.

Make your website easier to use

It can be so frustrating trying to navigate a website that is difficult and complicated to use. To encourage users to stay on your website for longer, make it user-friendly. Make it easy to navigate and provide simple instructions and a natural flow from page to page.

Make your website look good

While you want your website to be functional and easy to use, it should also be attractive and original; you want people to recognize your business and brand through the website. However, make sure this doesn’t affect downloading time, as users may tire quickly of a slow website.

Be useful

Usually, people look at websites to garner some form of information, whether that’s an address, details about a brand or business, or what products they stock. These are all vitally important to include if you want to increase the revenue of your business, and please users. Customers will begin to avoid your website if it doesn’t contain the necessary information that they are after, and your SEO ranking may decrease as a result.

Be Visual

As previously stated, people respond to things that they find visually appealing. Try to include photos, or even videos, on your website to not only initially attract people’s attention, but also to keep them interested. Often videos and photographs explain information in a far more concise and interesting way than simple text can.


Headlines are important for two main reasons. Firstly, a person’s eye is instinctively drawn to them, as they are larger and more prominent than a thick slab of text. So it’s necessary to have interesting and relevant headlines that initially attract a user’s attention.

Secondly, try to have unique headlines that include keywords from your article. This allows search engines like Google to help assess how user-friendly and relevant your article is, which can, in turn, boost your SEO ranking.
Include a commenting option

Many users have questions relating to aspects of your website, from articles you’ve posted, to your products and services. A great way to answer these questions is to include a commenting option. Not only does this encourage user interaction, but it also gives your business the opportunity to learn what customers do and do not want and like.

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