What Is Google Analytics? Should I Have This Set Up On My Website?

What Is Google Analytics? Should I Have This Set Up On My Website?


Have you got Google Analytics set up on your site?



It is imperative you set up Google Analytics for your website. This episode will explain the importance of such a valuable tool.


Google Analytics acts much like a fish bowl, offering you the vision of a new world. You are able to see where your traffic is coming from and what it’s doing once it gets to your site. This provides you with extremely valuable information. Such information allows you as the business owner to make critical marketing and advertising decisions.


It enables you to track the value of your budget spend on a PPC, and discern how valuable your SEO campaign really is. This is because you are able to compare different forms of traffic against each other.


Take this example. You are advertising on a website that sends you traffic, compare this with your organic traffic (traffic from your SEO campaign) and see how this traffic differs. You might for instance decide to spend money on a SEO campaign because you know that this traffic is far more valuable to your business than any other form. This situation is the most common.


Not only does google analytics help you make informed marketing decisions, it identifies weaknesses in your site so you can correct them.

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