What Is Remarketing? How Does Remarketing work?

What is remarketing and how does remarketing work?

Ever been to a website and then decide to leave only to find that you are being followed by its branding or ads on various other sites you visit. Well this is not some stroke of luck or even a case of a large advertising campaign. It’s called remarketing and it’s another step forward in Google’s trend to personalise search marketing and advertising.

Remarketing works on building a list of prospects through an insertion of code onto your website. The code tracks prospects that have visited your site and places ad’s on websites throughout Google’s ad network. The user can then click on your ads and return to your landing page.

A great example of this was when i was looking for an apartment in Brunswick on Gum Tree and didn’t find a suitable prospect, I was then followed by ads showing me more available apartments in Brunswick.  It actually helped me keep up to date on new property listings without having to go to the website itself, however as i wanted more detail i followed the advertisement back to the site. It is important to remember that remarketing does not follow you on every site you go to but only those the advertiser deems relevant and sites that are part of googles advertising newtork.

Why is this incredibly powerful advertising?

Because the code you place on your site to track these visitors builds a list of users who have visited your site and have not purchased or engaged. This in turn allows you to advertise to people who may never be likely to return to your site again. It allows the advertiser to attempt to build a relationship with a user and provide them with specific advertising that is relevant to their interests gauged from their original visit to the site. So in essence we can track the users interested in certain products or services and continue to advertise this product or service as they continue surfing the web. This is incredibly powerful advertising.

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